Version 1.0.

What’s change from 0.9.3? Here you are the list:
– Added ability of driver generation (random names and parameters) on new game start;
– Added some animations to game interface;
– Added links to relevant sections in mailbox;
– Added widgets to main screen;
– Redesigned Production screen;
– On race screen in driver round is current position now (not driver number);
– Added compensation for staff dismiss in facilities;
– Increased number of progress points for next season car projects;
– Current season car projects development speed is higher at the beginning of the season and declining by the end of the season and on contrary to next season cars;
– Remade the logic of drivers and teams reputation changes. The reputation changes only in the end of the season according to position in championship and expectations from driver / team now
– Fixed Concentration calculation in a quick race mode. Earlier with low Concentration skill drivers lose too much time on mistakes;
– In Russian version fixed game crash on collision your driver with another one;
– Fixed game crash on press “Search engine” button;
– Decreased number of engine suppliers to 6 and changed their parameters in standard data base.

About our plans for the game read in our next post!