We plan to release 2 big updates before the game will be v.1.0
1 – New contract system. The update will be on June 7.
Negotiations of any contracts will be in separate section where you will be able to distribute commerce staff (similarly with designers and engineers). The current team results will also affect the negotiation progress.
For sponsor negotiations new page will appear. 
2 – The race screen update. The date will be later.
The weather change will be released and wet and intermediate tires will appear.
Update of race screen UI.
Random events will appear in race (crashes, driver’s mistakes)

Except big updates there smaller updates are planning. Music, new features for team finances control (staff and drivers dismissing and etc.), test session screen update.
Game editor will be released before June 6.
We plan to release v.1.0 in the end of July and get started to develop OWM 2020 at once which have quite a few ideas for already.